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Preserving Tomorrow By Building Today

If These Lands Could Talk (ITLCT) is a global network of change-makers, supporters, and allies who support Native and Indigenous communities to thrive authentically and on their own terms with digital technology both now and in the future.

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Community Partnerships

We partner with communities and create aligned programming and events that amplify the voices, experiences, and excellence of Native and Indigenous populations throughout the world.

A Global Ecosystem

Supporting authentic representation of Indigenous and Native communities throughout the world with digital technology and community engagement, but on their own terms.

ITLCT supports the rights to self-determination and agency with digital technology.

We believe in an authentic, responsible, inclusive, and sustainable digital future with positive social impact for Native and Indigenous communities across the globe.

What We Do

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Digital Fluency

We assist and partner with communities to engage with digital technologies through education, community building, and networking.

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Community Engagement

We host community meetups in the metaverse and with digital technology. We partner with communities as they navigate emerging technologies.

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Digital Technology Programs

We provide STEAM opportunities that are relevant to Native and Indigenous communities.

Our Values

Appreciate the past, understand the present, adapt to the future.


Appreciate the past by preserving heritage and culture to pass onto future generations.


Understand current needs and history. Amplify and share Native excellence. Enable creativity and growth.


Adapt to new innovation where it makes sense. Prepare and support communities to thrive with innovation beyond even what we know today.

Upcoming Events and Programs